Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Thursday Night is Rec Night at Greven Field

Thursdays starting at 6pm is Rec Night at Greven Field (off of Route 103 in Proctorsville near the old Black River Produce building). 

Things to do at Greven:
 • Picnic – grill is available for public use
• Playground
• Volleyball
• Baseball/Softball/Wiffleball
• Kickball
• Flag football
• Nature trail walks/runs/biking. 0.5 mile loop.
• River swimming
• Frisbee(bring your own for now)

Be sure to check out Phase 2 of the nature trail. It’s now a half mile long with one of the few places for a river walk in town. Stop and play cribbage on the benches and table next to the river.

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