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Cavendish Update: 7/5/13 News/Summer Fest/Tour/Tag Sale

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The 7/5/13 Cavendish Update Contains the Following:
1. Cavendish Related News
2. Summer Fest Schedule of Events
3. Tour of the Fitton Mill and Cavendish Hydro Plant
4. Cavendish Town Wide Tag Sale
5. Cavendish Community Fund to Hold Benefit
6. The 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg-Cavendish Soldiers
7. Fear Factor at the Cavendish Library
8. Cavendish Concerts Continue with Woodchucks’ Revenge
9. Vacation Bible School
10. Events

Black River Good Neighbor (BRGN) Thieves Caught: On Sunday, June 30 BRGN was again robbed by a couple that robbed the store in April. Using social media, including the Cavendish VT Facebook page and blog, and Cavendish Update e-mail subscriber service, the thieves were identified. Please note that the photograph and video on the Cavendish VT blog have been removed. Anyone with questions or additional information should contact Chief Billings at the Ludlow Police Department 802-228-4411

Shaw’s Eliminates Rewards Cards: In a new marketing campaign, Shaw’s ended the Rewards Card program Friday, June 30 and plans to lower prices on thousands of items across all of its 169 locations in five New England states. WPTZ

New Vermont Laws Take Effect: Some of the 89 new laws that went into effect on July 1 (Monday) include:
• Criminal penalties for possession of up to an ounce of marijuana or 5 grams of hashish are replaced by civil fines similar to traffic tickets.
• Bans people from intentionally feeding bears.
• Public officials convicted of certain crimes, including embezzlement, to forfeit part or the entirety of their retirement pension.
• Gives local and state officials authority to inspect home-based breeders of dogs, cats and wolf-hybrids.
• Increased penalties for texting while driving
• The state tax on diesel fuel increased 2 cents
• State sales tax will now be collected on cloud computing
• Police must periodically scrub data from license plate readers
• Set up new requirements for life insurance companies to try to find survivors of those covered by company policies
• Equal Pay Act: Aim is to close the gap between male and female workers with several provisions including employers must consider requests for flexible scheduling; they may not retaliate against employees asking how much a co-worker makes; and bars most employers from making personnel decisions based on HIV test results.
The state is chipping in $5 million out of the unemployment insurance trust fund to offset unemployment insurance rate increases faced by employers after flooding disasters in 2011 forced them to close and lay off workers.

Paving Project on 131: Paving project begins 07/15/13 (Monday) and runs through the construction season on Route 131 from the NH border west to Route 106. Incudes milling, paving, ditching and guardrail work. Expect lane closures and delays. VT 511

Saturday July 6th is the annual Summer Fest, sponsored by the Cavendish Historical Society (CHS). It’s going to be a sunny and warm day so dress accordingly. There are three venues this year: The Cavendish Historical Society (CHS) Museum grounds, the Cavendish Fire Department and the Cavendish Stone Church. Everything is on Main Street, route 131, in the village of Cavendish.

 Schedule of events:
• CHS Museum Grounds: Annual Plant Sale-note that with the removal of the large tree, the plants will be located towards the back of the grounds-be sure to check out the “gardener’s booth;” Museum tours-including the farm exhibit; food vendors (baked goods, Moonlite Meadow’s burgers and lamb kabobs from grass fed animals raised in Cavendish, Italian ices); activities for children; Silent Auction; raffle; Christmas in July booth; Black River Action Team and other vendors. This is the last day to vote for your favorite photograph for the 2014 Cavendish Calendar at the CCCA booth. Activities are from 9-3.

• Cavendish Universalist “Stone” Church: Tours from 10-1

• Cavendish Fire Department: Chicken BBQ at the Fire House.

Many are not aware that just before the Cavendish Gorge and Hydro Dam, on the Black River, was located one of the most productive mills in Vermont. Called Spring Mill, but better known as Fitton’s Mill, it started operation in 1867. The Mill complex included tenement houses as well as a boarding house.  A short lived operation, the mill burned in 1875. When two other Fitton buildings burned later, it was suspected that the mill owner, Robert Fitton, had committed arson to collect the insurance.

The Cavendish Historical Society, in conjunction with Green Mountain Power, is hosting a tour of the Fitton Mill, with archaeologist Charity Baker, and the Cavendish Hydro Plant on July 27 at 9 am. While this is a free event, space is limited, so please register in advance by calling 802-226-7807 or e-mailing
Information regarding the Town Wide Tag sale is now on-lineThose interested in reserving a space on either of the Village Greens or having their home or business on the Tag Sale Map, should e-mail or call 802-226-7807 by July 22.

The Cavendish Community Fund invites you to attend a benefit pasta dinner with garlic bread, salad, wine and dessert on Saturday, July 20th between the hours of 5:00 and 9:00 p.m.  Robin and George Timko will host the event and all proceeds will help fund the grants given out by the Cavendish Community Fund.  There will also be a volleyball game and a badminton net set up for those who would like some fun before eating.  Matt Timko, a volleyball enthusiast, will be on hand to organize the games.

This is a very casual event meant for adults and young adults aged 14 and over.  There is only room for twenty guests, so please call Robin at 226-7736 or stop by Crows Bakery on Depot Street in Proctorsville to reserve your tickets.  Tickets to the event are $15 each.

The Fund has awarded nearly $24,000 in grants since 2007 to local groups and individuals for programs of an educational, artistic or cultural nature.  The next round of grants will be awarded in the fall and the application deadline will be announced in late summer.  For more information on the Fund, please visit the website and click on Cavendish Community Fund.

July 1, 1863 marked the 150th anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg. The battle took place in and around Gettysburg from July 1 to July 3. The battle claimed the largest number of casualties of any battle in the Civil War and a battle that many
historians believe was a turning point battle in that conflict.

It could be said that the Battle of Gettysburg began and ended with Vermonters. Soldiers from the Green Mountain state played a role in key engagements before the battle, a Vermont native fired the first shot and three Vermont regiments not only defended against, but twice repelled, Confederate attacks on the heart of the Union line. Had it not been for Vermonters at Gettysburg, the battle—indeed, the Civil War—would have played out much differently. The Bridge

During the five years of the Civil War, approximately 180 men from Cavendish volunteered for the Union Army. Three of these men received the Congressional Medal of Honor- William Sperry, Tom Seaver and Daniel Davis Wheeler.

Of the 173 names appearing on the Cavendish civil war memorial: 10 died in battle, five from wounds received in battle, four in prison, nine while in the service (diseases like typhoid) and one was lost at sea. At Gettysburg, four soldiers--  Joseph Ashley, Asa Blanchard. Henry Carlisle and Michael Moylan-died in battle or from the wounds they received.

Three brothers from Cavendish, Charles, Edwin, and George Kingston, captured the colors from the 17th Alabama regiment at Gettysburg.
Learn more about Cavendish soldiers during the Civil War

It is interesting to note that in the same year as the battle of Gettysburg, a group of Cavendish women, Evey Kendall, Leizzie Kendall, Mrs. Maria Spaulding, Julia A. Davis, Mary Hemminway, Celia A. Davis, and Ella A. Spaulding made quilt squares. Were these intended for a Civil War soldier? We don’t know, but we do have the quilt squares on display at the Museum.

Fear Factor at the Cavendish Fletcher Community Library.  Have you ever eaten a bug on purpose?  Would you like to try some?  Or better yet, live out your zombie fantasy and eat some brains!

Come and cheer on your friends or volunteer to be a contestant as community members try out different creepy treats as part of the summer reading program. The program will be on Saturday, July 20 at 1:00 PM at the Cavendish Fletcher Community Library.  There is no cost to attend, but donations are welcome. For more information, or to volunteer as a contestant, please contact Kata at 226-7503.

Note: On July 10, the concert will feature Voodoo Alien Blues Band.

The Cavendish Community and Conservation Association invites the Cavendish community and all of its neighbors to the Proctorsville Green on Route 131 for the third concert of this year’s Cavendish summer music series on Wednesday, July 17th.  New to the concert series this year, Woodchuck’s Revenge will play starting at 6:00 p.m.  This concert is sponsored by the CCCA.

Formed in front of the fire on a winter's night in 1990, Woodchucks' Revenge brings together as a performing group three friends who have combined their lifelong love of music to offer their audiences an eclectic and refreshing mix of traditional and contemporary folksongs played with spirit and an old time country sensibility.

The Woodchucks' repertoire, which has been described as encyclopedic, ranges from New England fiddle tunes to modern cowboy songs, from Irish ballads to 60's folk, blues and bluegrass.  Songs about Vermont, mountains, and life in New England are staples of the group's performances, along with a healthy dose of humor and a small but growing number of originals.

This is another in the continuing series of Wednesday evening public concerts that the town of Cavendish and the CCCA produce for all to enjoy.  Help us keep the tradition alive.  Come to Proctorsville and enjoy a warm summer evening with your neighbors and friends in front of the gazebo on the green.  Relax in the grass on your blanket or favorite lawn chair – have a picnic or just listen to the music.

As always, the concerts are free and open to everyone.

Get ready for acres of fun at the Cavendish Baptist Church! This year's Vacation Bible School theme is Hay Day Farm – Growing in Friendship with Jesus! Hay Day is filled with incredible Bible-learning experiences kids see, hear and touch. Team-building games, cool Bible songs, and active Bible adventures are just a few of the activities that help faith flow into real life. Kids will also participate in an outreach project, called Projects With A Purpose, that will let the kids in our community shine God's love all the way to children in India. Hay Day is free for children ages 3 to 12 years and takes place July 15-17 from 5:00 to 7:30 pm. A healthy dinner is also included. For more information call (802) 226-7131 or visit The church is located at 2258 Main Street in Cavendish.   

A busy 4th of  July weekend is in store, with the annual Cavendish Summer Fest in Cavendish on Saturday. See article 2 above. Monday, July 8, is the monthly Select Board meeting-agenda will be posted to the Cavendish VT blog as soon as it becomes available. On Wednesday, July 10, the Summer Concert series on the Proctorsville Green continues at 6 pm. The rain location is the Cavendish Elementary School. This week concert is Voodoo Alien Blues Band.

To learn more about upcoming events in Cavendish and surrounding towns go to:
-                Events listed by month 
-                Events listed by day  

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