Wednesday, January 29, 2014


The Town Report will be first on the agenda for the March 3 Town Meeting. The grand total for the town budget for FY 2014 is $1,284,190. This is a 1.817% increase over last year’s budget. Town Meeting will be at 7 pm in the multi purpose room of the Cavendish Town Elementary School, with voting for elected officials taking place on March 4 at the school from 10-7.

Budgets for CTES and GMUHS are voted on by Australian ballot on March 4. The budget for CTES is $1,739,866 and $6,095,908 for GMUHS. For the latter school, voters will also be asked to authorize the funding of the Capital Improvement Reserve Fund by $40,000 to be appropriated from the 2013 Fiscal Year General Fund Surplus. An informational meeting regarding CTES will follow the town meeting on March 3. The Annual Meeting for GMUHS will be February 25, 7 pm , in the school’s conference room.

Warning notices for Cavendish, CTES and GMUHS appear in the January 29 Vermont Journal. The Cavendish Town and School District Annual Report is generally mailed several weeks before town meeting and will also be available in PDF format at the Cavendish Municipal website in the Documents section. Copies of the report will be available at Town Meeting as well as from the Town Office.

Warnings: There will be 10 Warnings on this year’s Town Meeting. Warnings include the five regular items-town officers elected by Australian ballot; accept the 2013 Town Report; accept the budget for Fiscal year 2014; and to transact other business. The additional five Warnings are as follows:
• Exempt the Fletcher Farm Foundation from taxes for the next five years.

• Exempt the Black River Health Center from taxes for the next five years.

• Approve a special appropriation in the sum of $10,000 for the purpose of clearing, stumping, regrading and seeding a portion of land donated to the Town and now part of the Twenty Mile Stream Cemetery  so that it may be suitable for use as burial ground.

• Approve the establishment of a Cavendish Recreation Department and approve an appropriation of $25,5000 to support the first year activities of the department and to add said amount to the budget proposed by the selectmen for the FY 2014.

• Approve that a surplus of $70,407 be used as follows: $30,000 toward the Town Highway Capital Equipment Fund; $8,000 toward a new dual fuel furnace system for the town garage; and $32,407 to reduce the amount needed to be raised by taxes for FY 2014.

Candidates: On Jan. 27, petitions for elected town positions needed to be filed with the Town Office. Nominations were received from the following candidates:
• Town and School Moderator: Will Hunter
• Town Clerk/Treasurer: Diane McNamara
• Select Board 3 year term: Bob Glidden
• Select Board two 1 year terms: No petitions received
• Lister 3 year: Ginny Garrow
• Auditor 1 year: Peter LaBelle
• Librarian Trustee 1 Year: Julia Gignoux
• Librarian Trustee 5 year: Janelle Wilfong
• CTES School board Two 1 year terms: Barbara Dickey and Brenda Gregory
• CTES School board 3 year term: No petitions received
• GMUHS Board 1 year term: Stewart Lindberg
• Town Grand Juror: Mabel Ward
• Town Constable: Seth Perry
• Cemetery Commission 3 year term: Brian Pelky
• Cemetery Commission 4 year term: Barry Stearns
• Cemetery Commission 5 year term: Gail Woods

All candidates are running unopposed. Anyone interested in serving for one year terms on the Select board or the 3 year term for CTES, should contact Rich Svec or Diane McNamara at 226-7292.

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