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Cavendish Update 7/13/12 News/Events/SB Mtg

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This issue of the Cavendish Update is made possible by the Cavendish Community and Conservation Association (CCCA), a non-profit membership organization that is dedicated to the conservation of land and natural resources and to the preservation of historic sites within the context of sustainable economic growth. FMI: PO Box 605, Cavendish VT 05142 or 802-226-7736

The 7/13/12 Cavendish Update Contains the Following:
1. Cavendish Select board Meeting 7/9/12
2. Cavendish Related News
3. E.Coli Testing of Swimming Area in Proctorsville
4. A Possible Reason Why the Coffeens, Duttons, and Proctors Lived so Long
5. Vacation Bible School: Rocky Point Lighthouse
6. Recreation Night at Greven Field
7. CTES: School Board Agenda 7/17/12
8. Check out the Free Vermont State Parks Pass
9. Cavendish Events 7/13-7/22

1. Cavendish Select board Meeting 7/9/12
Select Board meetings are videotaped by LPC-TV and will be shown on Comcast Channels 8 and 10. They are also available at the LPC website. The following items were discussed at the July Select board (SB) meeting on Monday night:

Tax Rate: The tax rate for Cavendish homeowners varies by Fire District and by residential status. While the SB approved the proposed tax rate-approximately 11% for residential homeowners versus approximately 7% for non residents-Rich Svec, town manager has reconfigured the numbers and has concluded that the increase, while high, will not be as high as reported at the meeting. The tax rate is based on town, fire departments and school budgets, the latter of which is the reason for such a large tax increase this year. As soon as this information is available, it will be posted to the Cavendish website, Blog and Facebook.

FEMA Paperwork and Reimbursement: The town has received $2 million so far for flood recovery, with the final estimate of damage being close to $3.5 million. Between the federal government and state, 95% of recovery costs will be paid. Some of the remaining 5% have already been paid, as the town’s highway department has been involved in repairs. Ultimately, there will be some costs but nowhere near what was initially thought, nor what the costs the town had to pay after the 1973 flood.

Greven Field: Representatives from Greven Field spoke about improvements they are planning to make, which they hope will benefit the entire community not just those playing sports. Currently they are planning a mixed-use trail, which will ring the playing fields. While the SB is in support of this effort, concern was raised about the need to accommodate our aging population as well as adults who do not have children. The SB was also concerned about structures on the field that could easily be moved in the event of another flood. The Greven Field committee is very interested in mobility as they too do not want to lose structures, nor do they want them to break loose and create more potential for flood damage. A Cavendish recreation program has been started, see Item 7 below.

Refinancing Opportunity on USDA Water System Bonded Indebtedness: In an effort to reduce the interest rate and shorten the repayment period of the town’s water project, the SB voted to approve a letter of intent for the filing of an application for the refinancing. The immediate impact would be a slight increase in water bills, by a matter of pennies, but ultimately it would result in major savings for the town and those that are on town water. The applications are due the beginning of September.

Cavendish Application for 2012 Ecosystem Restoration and Protection Services Grant Program: The SB voted to file an application for a grant that will help to purchase properties, which are important to river and flood management. Among the properties are four lots that haven’t contributed much in the way of taxable revenue since the 1973 flood as well as those parcels of Stubeleck and Mill’s properties, which are adjacent to the river. It appears that the town will apply for “part 1” funding, which will help with the assessment of need. The town has been encouraged to file the application by the state, because of future flooding concerns. Applications are due July 20. There is $3 1/2 million for the state, which will be awarded on a “first come, first served” basis. In addition to preserving town interests, there was discussion about the acquired land being used for nature trails and conservation interests.

Continuation of Discussion about Land Exchange with Pieter Van Schaik: The SB voted to a conceptual agreement with Van Schaik, which includes the exchange of land as well as the provision that Van Schaik will provide 4,000 yards of gravel, which will be excavated and processed by the town. At the June SB meeting, Van Schaik spoke to the SB about swapping a portion of land he owns below the Transfer Station for a right of way over town owned land starting at the Power Plant Road so he is in closer proximity to the Eagles Head gravel pit (a van Schaik family owned property). His plans for this property include a trail that will be handicap accessible, and provide an opportunity for people to walk by the river.

While warned on the agenda, the draft ordinance prohibiting the construction and/or operation of aircraft takeoff and landing facilities in Cavendish, as well as the draft of the proposed FY” 2012-2013 Cavendish Municipal Wastewater System Budget and Rate Schedule, were not completed in time for the SB to review.

2. Cavendish Related News
Cavendish Town Constable Facebook Group: A group interested in discussing law enforcement related issues in Cavendish has been formed by Seth Perry, Cavendish Town Constable and one of the animal control officers. Those interested can link to it at

Cavendish Selectmen Scott Ranney Seeks State Representative Seat: Scott Ranney announced that he is seeking election in the District of Windsor-2 for the State Representative seat. Windsor-2 includes the towns of Weathersfield and Cavendish.
“As a lifelong resident, I love Vermont and raising my family here. I am truly concerned about the Legislatures inability to control spending and their ability to increase taxes. This is driving our citizens and businesses to leave the State. I will work hard to get the “Open for Business Sign” back on at the Statehouse.”

Medal of Honor Lost in Cavendish During 1927 Flood: In an VPR interview, Peter Gilbert (VT Humanities Council Executive Director) relates the story of how William Sperry’s Congressional Medal of Honor was lost, and then found, in the flood of 1927 that destroyed seven Cavendish homes, including that of Sperry’s widow. VPR

VT Flood Insurance Customers Could See Rate Hike: Some of Vermont's estimated 3,700 flood insurance customers could see their premiums increase by up to 20%. WCAX

Engaged: 1848 Accident Still Intrigues Scientists: New research on Phineas Gage’s accident –a tamping rod went through his head-indicates that he most likely lost 10% of his brain’s white matter and 4% of the cerebral cortex. This brain damage would have created the dramatic shift in his personality. However, his ability to recover sufficiently to have a job as a stage coach driver in Chile is an indication of brain neuroplasticity, an emerging field of science, pioneered by a distant relative of Gages. The article incorrectly gives the date of the Phinease Gage presentation at the Cavendish Historical Society Museum, it will be August 12. This coming Sunday, July 15, will be the program on Lotions, Potions and Notions-see article 4 below. Rutland Herald

VT Visits Increase Year After Year: Even after a dismal winter, visits to the Green Mountain State were up in the first five months of 2012. The data is recorded from the number of visits to state welcome and information centers by the Vermont Department of Tourism & Marketing. WNNE

VT Ranks Second for Being Most Peaceful: Vermont ranks second in the nation for being most peaceful, according to the recently released peace index calculated by the Institute for Economics and Peace. Maine has been the most peaceful state for 11 years, making the Northeast America’s most peaceful region. Louisiana is the least peaceful state, 20 years running. Burlington Free Press

Rutland Airport Has Additional Summer Flight to Boston: This summer, Cape Air, the airline that serves Rutland-Southern Vermont Regional Airport will be adding a fourth daily round-trip flight to Boston-Logan International Airport. The decision to add a fourth flight comes after a record number of passengers used Cape Air in 2011. Last year, Cape Air carried over 11,600 passengers in and out of the Rutland Airport. That is a 21% increase over Cape Air’s first full year of service in 2008. Press Release

Hundreds Ticketed in VT Speeding Crackdown: Last week, Vermont State police put what they call High Enforcement Area Teams into action patrolling for speeders in places around the state. The effort was spurred by a dramatic rise in highway fatalities in the first six months of this year. During the first five days of the HEAT program there were no traffic deaths in Vermont. Police did issue 859 speeding tickets and arrested 26 drunk drivers. WCAX

Vietnam Moving Wall will be in Springfield: The Viet Nam Moving Wall will be in Springfield, VT. from July 12 to July 16, is half the size of the original wall located in Washington D.C. VT Journal

3. E.Coli Testing of Swimming Area in Proctorsville
Earlier in the summer, the VT Health Department reported high levels of e coli in popular swimming areas, which were thought to be related to tropical storm Irene. High levels of e coli can cause serious health problems, particularly for children, pregnant women and those with compromised immune systems (such as those living with AIDS, those who have received an organ transplant, or those receiving certain types of chemotherapy). A swimming area that has E. coli levels that exceed the EPA quality standards of 235 organisms per 100 mls should not be used until levels drop below that standard.

Thanks to Kelly Stettner and Black River Action Team (BRAT), the popular swimming hole by the Depot Street Trestle Bridge in Proctorsville was tested last week for e- coli. The test result showed e coli levels of 96 per 100 mls, which shows safe conditions for swimming. Stettner recommends that For THIS summer, I'd caution anyone against swimming right after a big rain (the storms tend to "flush" all sorts of things into the water, from herbicides to animal waste. Give it a day or two to calm down.

To continue this testing throughout the summer, donations and volunteers are needed. If I can get a volunteer or two to help, and some donations to offset the cost of the testing ($25 per test), we can come sample that every week. I could do it once a week before work, but we'd have to get the $25 per test covered. I will check BRAT funds and see how we're doing; seven more weeks of summer or eight, that'd run about $200. I'm looking for a local business, individual, or organization that would be interested in our Adopt-the-River campaign. For $500 a year, they could officially adopt that swimming hole and it would cover the weekly e.coli testing. Results could be posted on your FB page, my FB page, my BRAT site, and maybe there could be a sign on the beach or side of the trestle bridge telling bathers about the program and where to log on to find the data.

You can help/donate in one of the following ways:
• Donate at the website via Pay Pal
• If you would like your donation to be tax deductible, you should mail it to the CRWC with “BRAT” noted in the memo section. The mailing address is CRWC, 15 Bank Row, Greenfield, MA 01301
• Send a check to BRAT, 101 Perley Gordon Rd, Springfield, VT 05156
• Contact Kelly if you can volunteer and/or your business is willing to adopt the swimming or (802) 885-1533

4. A Possible Reason Why the Coffeens, Duttons, and Proctors Lived so Long
Today’s life expectancy in the United Sates is around 80 years of age. In the late 1700’s it was close to 35. Yet the founding couples of Cavendish, all managed to equal or exceed 21st century life expectancy, with the one exception of Capt. John Coffeen, who died at 75. His wife Susanna died at 94, while Salmon Dutton was 80, his wife Sarah was 83 and the Proctors were 93, Leonard, and 84 respectively. There wasn’t a doctor available in town until 1787, which was 18 years after the Coffeens arrived in Cavendish, the women primarily handled Health matters. Considering that medicine of that era was based on the “four humors” and blood letting was common practice, not having a doctor may have been a good thing.

On Sunday, July 15, the Cavendish Historical Society will have a presentation “Lotions, Potions and Notions, “which explores not only health cures of the late 1700’s through the Civil War era, but also other possible reasons that could have contributed to the long lives of our founding couples. The program begins at 2 pm at the Museum. The speaker is Margo Caulfield, coordinator of CHS and co-director of Chronic Conditions Information Network. She has recently written an article “Healthy Communities Promote Longer Lives: One explanation for Life Expectancy Among Early Settlers,” which is available on-line.

FMI: or 802-226-7807

5. Vacation Bible School: Rocky Point Lighthouse
Make a splash this summer at the Cavendish Baptist Church! This year's Vacation Bible School theme is Rocky Point Lighthouse – Where Kids Shine God's Light! Rocky Point Lighthouse is filled with incredible Bible-learning experiences kids see, hear and touch. Team-building games, cool Bible songs, and active Bible adventures are just a few of the activities that help faith flow into real life. Kids will also participate in an outreach project, called Projects With A Purpose, that will let the kids in our community shine God's love to families. Rocky Point Lighthouse is free for children ages 3 to 12 years and takes place July 23-25 from 5:00 to 7:30 pm. A healthy dinner is also included. For more information call (802) 226-7131 or visit The church is located at 2258 Main Street in Cavendish.

6. Recreation Night at Greven Field
The Cavendish/Proctorsville Recreation Committee announces the start of a weekly Recreation Night at Greven Field. Equipment will be supplied for baseball/softball, football, soccer, frisbee, kickball. The new playground is being constructed this week and will be ready soon, hopefully for this Thursday. Construction on a volleyball court and horseshoes will begin soon. Also in the plans is a multi use trail that will wind around the perimeter of Greven Field, offering nature walks, running, and biking.

Returning soon - the Greven Green Monster and Movie Nights on the Monster.

Stop in any Thursday night from 6pm to dark for fun and games - bring your own game/equipment to share.

Our new BBQ grill (Thank You Ludlow Rotary and Aubuchon's!) is available - bring your own food.


7. CTES: School Board Agenda 7/17/12
The CTES Board meeting has been scheduled for 7/17/12, at 5:30 pm in the Multi Purpose Room. The Agenda will be as follows:
1. Call to order
2. Comments from the Community
3. Approval of Minutes of June 19, 2012 – (Tabled until August Meeting)
4. Personnel
a.) Hiring of Food Service Personnel
b) Hiring of Para Professional
5. Update on Professional Development for FANS Unit
6. Update on 7th Grade Math Program
7. Joint Supervisory Union Merger/Consolidation Update
8. Principal’s Report
9. Superintendent Report
10. Other Business
11. Executive Session – (if necessary)

8. Check out the Vermont State Parks Pass
Once again the Cavendish Fletcher Community Library has a Vermont State Parks Pass, which can be checked out by any adult patron. It allows a carload of people free entrance to any Vermont State Park. The pass may be checked out free of charge and circulates for four days. FMI: 226-7503

9. Cavendish Events 7/13-7/22
July 13 (Friday): Ludlow Farmer’s Market, 4-7 pm in front of Okemo Mountain School, 53 Main St.
• The Butties perform at Jackson Gore’s Outdoor Music Series free concert series 6-9 pm. An all-Beatles cover band, featuring Sam Lloyd (best known as Ted from Scrubs), the night’s event is also a food drive to benefit Black River Good Neighbor. For donations of at least three non perishable food items, donor will receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win Okemo lift tickets, new skis, and more. FMI:

July 15 (Sunday): Lotions, Potions and Notions-18th through mid 19th Century Folk Cures: A free program at the Cavendish Historical Society Museum at 2 pm. Other exhibits at the Museum include: flood exhibit and 250th Cavendish Historical Timeline. FMI: 226-7807 or
• Author of “A Mighty Storm” at Crows Bakery, 6-8 pm, on Depot Street in Proctorsville. FMI: or 226-7007.

July 17 (Tuesday): Bone Builders Class at the Cavendish Baptist-- Class from 10-11:15. FMI: Linda at Green Mountain RSVP & Volunteer Center of Windsor County at (802) 885-2083, Charlotte Snyder at 226-7343 or Anne Oakes or Andrew Ohotnicky at (802) 228-5236, Dot Ramsdell at (802) 226-7870
• CTES board meeting, 5:30 pm in the multi purpose room. The agenda appears above in Item 7. FMI: 226-7789

July 19 (Thursday): Bone Builders Class at the Cavendish Baptist-- Class from 10-11:15. FMI: Linda at Green Mountain RSVP & Volunteer Center of Windsor County at (802) 885-2083, or Anne Oakes or Andrew Ohotnicky at (802) 228-5236, Dot Ramsdell at (802) 226-7870
• Sit & Knit" at the Six Loose Ladies yarn shop, Pollard Building, Proctorsville Green, 2:00 -9:00 PM. Open to knitters, spinners, crocheters, hookers. Free. FMI: 226-7373
• Recreation Night at Greven Field, 6 pm to dusk. FMI:

July 20 (Friday): Ludlow Farmer’s Market, 4-7 pm in front of Okemo Mountain School, 53 Main St.

July 22 (Sunday): Cavendish Historical Society Museum Open 2-4 pm. Featuring flood exhibit and 250th Cavendish Historical Timeline. FMI: 226-7807 or

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