Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Scott Ranney seeks Election to State Representative Seat

Scott Ranney announced today that he is seeking election in the District of Windsor-2 for the State Representative seat. Windsor-2 includes the towns of Weathersfield and Cavendish.

“As a lifelong resident, I love Vermont and raising my family here. I am truly concerned about the Legislatures inability to control spending and their ability to increase taxes. This is driving our citizens and businesses to leave the State. I will work hard to get the “Open for Business Sign” back on at the Statehouse. “

As an active member of the community and small business person, Scott is running for the House because he believes it is time for the legislature to stop its “tax and spend” policies and refocus on keeping Vermont an affordable place to live for ourselves and future generations. “Our current Legislature has lost touch with the serious economic challenges facing the district and the State. We need jobs not partisan politics” said Scott.

“The people of Weathersfield and Cavendish are being squeezed by the ever-increasing costs of living in Vermont, yet the Legislature has voted to make things worse by voting to raise our taxes, electricity rates and health care costs. Businesses are closing and manufacturers like Burton are leaving.

Scott outlined his top priorities: “improve Vermont’s poor business and job climate, reduce Vermont’s oppressive tax burden and reform Vermont’s costly education system”.

“High taxes stifle the economy, force people out of their homes and drive jobs out of State. We must allow families to keep more of their hard-earned money and dramatically improve our job climate,” said Scott. “Furthermore, we must demand a first-rate education for the next generation of Vermonter’s, but we need to deliver it at a lower cost. It is absurd that a town can level fund a school budget and still see its property taxes increase.”

“The citizens of Vermont all have to live within a budget, and so should Government,” said Scott. “The current politicians just keep going back to working Vermonters asking for more, more, more. It’s time to put a stop to it. Allot of the people that I talk to have lost faith in our representatives to make the tough choices. They have lost faith in their representative to represent them and their values”.

Scott Ranney is the father of two and married to Terry. He is the owner of New Life Wood Floors INC, in Cavendish. Scott is a Select Board member and is severing his second term; he is a graduate of Green Mountain High in Chester VT. FMI: sranney1@hotmail.com-802-738-6053

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