Friday, August 12, 2011




Start C.T.E.S. at 6:50 AM. Turn onto Twenty Mile Stream Road. Proceed approximately 1.5 mile. Pick up Call at the blue house just prior to Johnson Rd. Continue on down Twenty Mile Stream to Heald, Rd. and turn right onto Heald Road. Continue on Heald Rd. Before the road turns to dirt, pick up Provance(2) at trailer. Continue on Heald Rd. At top of the hill (1.5 mile) pick up Stearns. Turn left onto South Reading Rd and then right onto Brook Rd. and continue to corner of Atkinson corner pick up Fletcher; turn right onto Center Rd., and pick up Veysey(2) and Nowak at white house on left before trailers. At a trailer on the left before the Polaris sign, pick up Johnson. Continue on to corner of Hoey Rd. and Center Rd. Pick up Gould(2) and VanGuilder. Continue on and pick up Parker and Davis, Swisher, Rose at Mary Lou Davis’s. At the corner of Davis Rd. and Center pick up Power. Continue on down Center Rd. to Rt. 131. Turn left onto Route 131. Proceed on 131 and turn left on Chubb Hill Rd. Turn right onto East Road. Continue on to intersection of Old County Rd. and pick up Devereux(2),Lindberg(2). Continue on East Road. At the corner of Chambers Rd. and East Rd pick up Tyrrell(2). Turn right onto Chambers Rd. to Tarbell Hill. Turn Left, proceed to Knapp Pond, turn left and pick up Robinson and Harkins(2). Proceed on down Knapp Pond and turn around at the pond, continue down Knapp Pond and pick up Pellerin; Continue on Knapp Pond Rd. and pick up Ewald and Hendee. Continue on Knapp Pond Rd. and pick up Boyer(2)at LeBlanc Rd. Continue to Tarbell Hill, turn right onto Tarbell Hill Rd. Continue on down Tarbell Hill to Greenbush Rd. and at the corner of Greenbush and Tarbell pick up Gignoux(2). Continue on down Tarbell and pick up Hryckiewicz (across from Dark Horse For Sale sign) and then Thurston. Continue on down Tarbell Hill Rd. and at the bottom pick up Palowski. Proceed on to Route 131 turn right. Continue on down 131. Pick up Truell, Continue on 131. Pick up Frye and Wentz at Town Green, Turn left onto Cavendish Gulf Rd. Turn around at Pixley’s and pick up Bushey. Continue back on Cavendish Gulf Road and pick up Rose (2) and Johnson. Continue on to Bonnie Wrights and do pick up Wright(2), Continue back to Cavendish and head for Proctorsville. Across from Bennetts Store pick up Tenney. Continue on down 131 and pick up Roby(2), Bamforth, Ruhlin, Wright at Sheila’s Smiling Faces. Proceed on to pick up Call(2). Drop kids off at school. Continue on down 131. Turn left onto Depot St. Turn right onto 103 and turn left onto Greven St. Ext. and pick up Perry. Turn around at Nortons. Back down Greven Street Extension. Turn Right onto Rt. 103. Continue on to 131. Turn left onto Depot St. and return to C.T.E.S. at approximately 7:58.

Afternoon Run - Starts with Route 131, Rt. 103, Stepping Stones, Greven St. Extension, Twenty Mile Stream, Heald Rd., Brook Rd., Corner Town Farm Rd./Atkinson Rd., Center Rd., Whitesville Road, High Street, Cavendish Gulf, Route 131, Chubb Hill, East Rd., Green Mountain covers Upper Tarbell Hill and Knapp Pond. Students living between the villages of Proctorsville and Cavendish will ride home on the Green Mountain bus.

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