Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Update Tuesday AM

The Cavendish Connects website now includes much of what was included on this blog as well as a calendar of Cavendish events. The new blog, “The Dish,” includes the Cavendish Update as well as on-going information.

Spoke with CVPS crew down in Cavendish this morning. They need to get to the hydro dam to restore power. They don't know when that will be. Further, because portions of the road collapsed, taking with it the polls, they aren't sure how they will be able to get lines restrung. As one crewmen noted, "We've got to have a place to stick the pole in." They do hope to have some power in Cavendish restored by the end of the day.

As far as water. The water main by Glidden/Churchill area of route 131 went when that portion of the road caved in. Dan Churchill is now referring to this as the Churchill Canyon.

Please use caution! According to Fire Chief Glidden, a mother and child were standing on the edge of "Churchill Canyon" yesterday. Where they were standing is now gone.

Depot Street is closed! According to residents, people are still trying to go down it, ignoring the cones and tape. Please observe the precautionary measures. They are there for your safety.

Water, ready meals, food, porta potties, WI FI and snacks are all available at the school in Proctorsville. Computers can also be used at the library.

There are lots and lots of rumors circulating. We will try and put a list of facts together as soon as possible.

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