Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday Afternoon Update

The Cavendish Connects website now includes much of what was included on this blog as well as a calendar of Cavendish events. The new blog, “The Dish,” includes the Cavendish Update as well as on-going information.

We have been told that the National Guard will be here between 5-6 pm this evening with a team of 49 to help the Highway Dept with road work. They are bringing equipment with them, which will be parked in a number of places in Cavendish and Proctorsville. The Guard will be housed at the school.

Stepping Stones Preschool will offer childcare tomorrow for a fee of $15. They will take children up to 10 years of age and will be open from 9-5. Space is limited, so it's a "first come first serve" situation.

At this point, it is possible to get to Rutland via 103, with one detour. Springfield and Claremont are accessible via 103.

The Ludlow Community Center's are available as a place to take a shower.

If you need water you can pick it up at the school or one of the fire stations.

Food schedule for the remainder of today and tomorrow is as follows: Dinner starts at 5:30. Thank you Cavendish Game Birds! Breakfast will start being served at 7 am; lunch at noon and dinner again at 5:30.

For more timely information, please check the Cavendish Facebook page.

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