Monday, August 29, 2011

Post Hurricane Information

The Cavendish Connects website now includes much of what was included on this blog as well as a calendar of Cavendish events. The new blog, “The Dish,” includes the Cavendish Update as well as on-going information.

Town water is expected to be out for the next several days. Many homes are without power. The Cavendish Town Elementary School has food and is serving lunch from 12-2:00, dinner starting at 5:30 and snacks throughout the day. Breakfast will be served starting at 7 am.

If only one member of the family can make it to the school, we will be happy to send them home with sufficient food for the family.

There has been an incredible show of support and help. Crows Bakery, Singletons and Pleasant Valley have been bringing over food all day. Please check your neighbors to make sure they are ok.

We will be posting school information latter this afternoon. Check the blog and Cavendish VT Facebook page for more information.

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Gabe said...

I live in the duplex across from the town garage, and am currently in Springfield. Are they allowing local traffic in from 103? Thank you so much for this blog by-the-way! It is the only source of information for Cavendish that I can seem to find anywhere!